Why and When to Decant Wine

You’ve probably heard from wine enthusiasts that you should let your wine “breathe” for a while before serving, or better known as decanting your wine. Does decanting really serve any purpose at all, or is it just some pretentious act that wine buffs do to act all fancy? For the following advice, I have made […]

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Common Bad Habits People Make When Drinking Wine

As you appreciate and enjoy wine with your family, mates and colleagues, it is a good idea to understand some proper wine etiquette in either informal or formal occasions. This is just as important as having proper table manners during fine dining. Here are some wine guidelines where I abide by: Hold your wine glass […]

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Purging my Wardrobe – Lessons Learned

Wardrobe cleaning

Spring is in full effect! For those of us who live in Hong Kong, this usually means it’s time to swap out the cold weather clothes for warm weather clothes since our space is limited! I am also seizing this opportunity to throw away some (or most, actually) of my old clothes in order to […]

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