Breaking down fashion watches – Daniel Wellington, MVMT, Vincero

Daniel Wellington Watch

Fashion Watches are hitting the world by storm with their clever use of aggressive social media marketing and influencer marketing. Are you taken by these marketing tactics and feel like you’re in the market for one of these fashion watches as well? In this article, we will take a look at 3 fashion watch brands, namely Daniel Wellington, MVMT and Vincero, and give you some alternatives to consider in your next watch purchase.

I will preface by saying while I have not owned any of these watches myself, I am basing my opinions based on watches that I’ve seen in the flesh, either at a retail shop or on the wrists of others.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the discussion!


In terms of aesthetics, I actually like some of the designs these fashion watches. I mean, they are called ‘fashion watches’ for a reason, they are meant to look good and match well with your outfits.

Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington is probably the one brand that started all this social media marketing frenzy. The Daniel Wellington look is pretty classy and minimal, but the look is a bit played out by now. There are tons of other watch brands with a real heritage that makes watches with a similar look, such as the Timex Fairfield and Tissot Everytime.
Timex Fairfield                                    Tissot Everytime

Moving on to MVMT. MVMT actually has given some thought into their design. They are also going for minimal design but it is done in a modernistic way. Sometimes they do make questionable designs though. The most head-scratching design, for instance, is that they made a chronograph without any markers on the subdials, rendering the chronograph useless. The black-on-black on many of their watches also makes it hard to tell the time.

MVMT ChronoMVMT Watch








I caught a glimpse of some Vincero watches when I attended the Menfluential conference a couple of months back. A number of the attendees were wearing these Vincero watches at the recommendation of the style Youtubers. I actually like Vincero the best out of all the fashion brands. Their designs, in general, are classy and refined. They are not an exact homage of anything, but you know that they have taken design cues from higher-end luxury brands. I can totally see them get a much warmer reaction by the watch community if it was made slapped with a brand name like Seiko on it instead.

Vincero Kairos Vincero Chrono


Based on accounts of people I know personally, reviews on watch forums and Youtube Videos, these watches, in general, do not last very long. Things start to go wrong from worn out watch bands to malfunctioning movements within a year or two.

Contrary to what your favourite Instagram of Youtube celebrity might tell you, nobody who knows anything about watches is going to mistake this as being a more expensive watch. They are, bluntly put, decent looking watches with low-end specs and quality.

My only gripe with the quality of these watches is that you’re not getting enough for what you’re paying. The fair price for these fashion watches should be $30-50, which is approximately the price of a Timex Weekender.


These fashion watches go for somewhere in the region of US$100-200. It is not particularly expensive if you’re looking at the price alone. However, at this price point, there are just too many other alternatives you can get from well-established watch brands like Seiko, Citizen, Orient and Casio. Alternatives like the Seiko SKX, Orient Bambino, Timex Weekender and Fairfield, and Tissot Everytime are all watches that can be had anywhere from $30 to $200.

Should You Buy a Fashion Watch?

If there is anything that fashion watches are doing right, it’s that they are getting more people, especially the younger generation, into wearing watches. In the digital age that we live in, wearing a watch is no longer a necessity to tell the time. We have our smartphones for that. A watch is more of a fashion statement or even a status symbol for some. For many people, especially the younger generation, these fashion watch brands are their gateway to the world of watches. I can see how it can be tempting to buy a fashion watch. Fashion watches are relatively affordable and is instantly recognizable by your peers. It is regrettable though once you dive deeper into the world of watches, you quickly realize there are many better alternatives you could have spent your money on.

At the end of the day, you should buy what you like. Whether it is a DW, MVMT, Vincero etc. then so be it. Most of them are good looking pieces, and may even garner you some compliments.



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