Hong Kong Home Brew – Pomade and Texture Spray Review

In this article, I’m pleased to introduce to you a Hong Kong local homebrewer, Hong Kong Home Brew!

The Brand

Hong Kong Home Brew (aka HKH Brew) – The name says it all. HKH Brew is a Hong Kong-based home brewer of men’s grooming products. The brand’s minimalism values can be seen from the packaging to the products themselves.


Hong Kong Home Brew Pomade


Opening the paper packaging box, you are greeted with a clean and minimal 4 oz plastic see-through jar with a black lid. Overall it gives off a very premium feeling. I think the packaging can be even more minimal by not having an outer packaging box at all.  There is a special edition in collaboration with local barbershop Hair House by Adam Chan that comes in just a glass jar. The only difference in the special edition is the packaging and scent. Performance is exactly the same as the regular version.


Hong Kong Home Brew Pomade

Consistent with the minimalist values, The pomade is made almost entirely with a concise list natural and organic ingredients (save for a small amount of preservatives being used, which is required for a UWB pomade). It contains healthy ingredients such as Jojoba oil and Lanolin oil that nourishes your hair. At HKH Brew, they believe that “less is more”. Instead of giving using a little bit of a lot, they wanted to increase the concentration of each ingredient to ensure you get the best out of each ingredient.


HKH Brew describes the scent as a Bayrum scent. It smells kind of like cinnamon to me. Personally, I am not really a fan of the scent, but scent is a subjective thing. Fortunately, the scent is very faint and is virtually non-existent once you apply it to your hair.

Hong Kong Home Brew Pomade


The consistency quite dense when, but not overly hard to scoop out the product. Breaks down easily after emulsifying in your hands. Applies to hair with ease without much tug and pull.

Hold and Shine

The pomade has a firm hold and neutral shine as accurately described. As it is currently fall season, I was unable to test the pomade under extreme heat, but performance has been great in my week of testing. My hair has stayed pretty much the same after an entire day. The hold is strong and firm but does not harden, so you can easily restyle in case some strong wind blows your hair out of place.


Washes out easily with one rinse.


The HKH Brew pomade retails for HK$220 (~US$28) for 4 oz. The majority of hair styling products in a similar size go for anywhere from US$15-20, so the price is on the higher end.


Now on to the Texture Spray!


Texture Spray

Hong Kong Home Brew Texture Spray


Also comes in paper box packaging. Comes in a cylinder spray bottle. I am not really a fan of this kind of spray handle because you need to tilt the bottle as you spray on your hair


Again, there is only a short list of ingredients. The main ingredients are sea salt for the hold and Vitamin E and Hydrogenated Castor oil for heat protection. I also love that the product is alcohol-free.


It has the same Bayrum scent as the pomade.


I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of texture and volume that you can get with using the texture spray alone. I don’t think I actually need to apply a post styler if I was going for a looser look. It does have a slight dryness after blowdrying, which is to be expected for a sea salt spray.


HKH Brew Texture Spray retails for HK$150 (~US$19). The pricing of the Texture Spray is competitively priced among similar products.

Final thoughts

Overall, I had a great experience testing out both products.

The pomade is a very versatile product, allowing you to style anything from slick back pompadours to short textured styles. Price is a bit on the high end, but you get a ton of premium ingredients in return.

The texture spray is my personal favourite because it gives you plenty of volume and texture, so you don’t need to apply as much product during post styling.

Much respect to HKH Brew for going the homebrew route. A ton of time and effort must be spent on R&D (trial and error) to perfect the formula.

HKH Brew is off to a great start with these two offerings. I look forward to more grooming products from HKH Brew in the future.


Buy or learn more:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hongkonghomebrew/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hongkonghomebrew/

Website: https://www.hongkonghomebrew.com/

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