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For those of us who are watch enthusiasts, it is a no-brainer to have a storage box to keep your prized collection in good condition and preserve the value of your timepiece. In many cases, a new watch will come with a case by default, and usually is huge and occupy a fair bit of space. Nobody hardly ever uses these boxes for actual storage. A watch box, for both men and women alike, is a good idea to keep your watch collection organized.

Recently a friend of mine who is very kind and handed over one of his simple watch boxes, it features a glass-topped case which makes it very convenient to glance through from the top to choose the piece I need. It is wrapped in an attractive suede lining which adds a fair bit of luxurious feel. By glancing it from the top it carries out a sheen effect added with white stitches around the border.

The individualized compartments make it easy to clean and keep everything tidy, which is much better than leaving your watches lying around in an open area like a vanity table. Once in a while, dust might collect on the glass top, but it is quite normal and we can just use a damp cloth to wipe it off. After all, it’s better to clean the watch box than to clean each individual watch when they collect dust.

This storage box has 12 compartments, each compartment is approximately 45 millimetres wide and 93 millimetres in length which provides is a reasonable depth. I have a watch here with a diameter of 43 millimetres which can comfortably fit into any of these small partitions with room to spare.

I would personally like it better if each cushion holder was all made out of a softer stuffing material so that the grip is more flexible when picking a watch up. At the moment, the side (as shown in the photo) is hard cardboard covered with synthetic textile, although it has cotton filled inside, however it is too rigid and stiff.

Close up for watch cushion holder

The box comes with a glossy metallic lock, it uses a magnetic mechanism to keep the cover be lock tight and closed. It would be better if a sturdy metal hinge was installed on the sides of this box offering better support when opening the and closing the box.

Since the watch box that I own is a gift from a friend, I cannot tell you exactly where to get the same box. With that being said, we have put together a few other options for those who are interested in getting a watch box for your watch collection.

This can display 10 watches, with soft leatherette red stitches. Easily close and latch the lid keep all your luxuries dust-free. Grab them on at your convenience. Buy on Amazon:
Rapport is a brand from England Est. in 1898. Most of their ideas are handcrafted with the finest leather and great precision seams. This style of case is very suitable for travel with great protection for free from scratches, as their lining uses luxurious suede. Buy from Rapport Rapport England – Hyde Park Single Watch Roll (D195)


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A single slot with 360° all-around Egg Crate Paddings to protect your timepiece from shifting. Buy on Amazon Invicta One Slot Yellow Watch Collector Box – DC1YEL. Also, a very popular model from Invicta come in 3 slots paddings. Each model from Invicta is waterproof and dust-proof. Invicta 3 Slot Yellow Plastic Watch Box Case – DC3YEL

Maintainance with watch case…

Is better off give a regular clean and brush off the dirt in the case or else will put your timepieces at risk. I normally will use a clean cloth to wipe off dirt, ensure your watch is working and in good condition.

Choosing the right watch case for yourself.

Considering buying a watch storage it should not restrict yourself to store watches, it can give you several functions.

  • Typical collection watch box – depending how many timepieces you have collected.
  • Jewellery box – you can put other accessories in other partition such as bracelets, pendants or even cufflinks,
  • Travel case – it is convenience and portable. It will be a compact design such as introduced in Rapport
  • Watch Winder – this will give you the function of automatic rewind automatic watch.

We hope this advice will provide a suitable way to protect and store your watches.


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